Update Yourself

The first person (after God) that we need to be acceptable to and get results from is ourselves.  The success of our spiritual life, financial life, love life, etc depends on us constantly seeking to improve and become a better version of ourselves.

Take a look at any company that has been successful in many countries for a succession of decades and you will see a company that has successfully moved with the times and has constantly sought to be better and stand out from their competitors.  This has everything to do with our beauty.  We all know that the most important beauty is on the inside, but unless the outside is inviting enough, not many people are going to get there.  Personally, I believe that the outer beauty should reflect what is inside.

So, if you’re like me and this stuff doesn’t always come so naturally, what can we do?

My health and beauty tip this edition is YouTube.  No matter what your skin colour, hair type or stature, there is a YouTube video somewhere waiting to guide you on your skin care, hair and makeup.  I’m one of those black women who have decided to “go natural” and I’ve found out so many useful styling and treatment tips from various handy videos.  I can find out how to get that “smoky eyes look” and how to use my Sleek© eye shadow palette effectively.

It goes without saying that not everything that is there is worth listening to and following what is said nor is everything suitable for you.  However, a bit of common sense coupled with a desire to learn, change and develop will give you the drive to try this out and enhance your natural beauty and make the most of what you’ve got.

Try it and see for yourself.

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