I work in secondary school. Most schools have their own version of student isolation. The criteria for a child ending up there are usually firmly set out in a policy that parents, teachers and students are aware of and they abide by it. I believe it’s the same in prison. The point is, it’s very clear for all where isolation is, why someone would go there and who has the power to put people there and set them free. Also, another point to note is that generally in school, everybody comes to recognise isolation’s regular customers. Sometimes they even have their favourite chair! Lol

I’m thinking now of a more common isolation. A more dangerous (and sometimes fatal) version that makes it harder to spot who’s there, who put them there and who can set them free. For these reasons, many suffer.

To be clearer, let’s see an example. You are loved by your family, you have good friends who all tell you you’re beautiful, you have so much potential, but one day you catch yourself in the mirror and suddenly…OMG! “How did I not notice how big my nose is!!!’ You brush it off because you have to get somewhere but, that thought doesn’t leave, it brings friends. It starts out when you’re alone. It becomes your focus. To say it out loud sounds silly, “they’ll” laugh at you, so you keep it to yourself. However, now it’s not just that your nose is big, it’s that you’re ugly. Why would they give you the job over her? Why would he want to talk to you? Why is still with you? He doesn’t treat you with respect but this is better than being alone, surely? You ARE alone now! Surrounded by people but in isolation and getting pulverised in this vicious battle. The battle ground? Wherever you go.

Many will read this example, and literally scoff out loud “that’s stupid!” And for that very reason, the many others who are reading it and relating will say nothing. Absolutely nothing. They will do this because to say it out loud sounds so stupid, but regardless of the stupidity, inside they are losing this mental battle that is taking up more and more of their energy each day. If it’s so stupid, why is it such a big problem?

If you’re reading this from your own internal isolation prison, you know that since that comment, that incident, that simple thought that you couldn’t shake, you haven’t been the same. You also know that it’s affecting more and more areas of your life. You wish that you had a permanent escape route, but how do you escape from your own head???

If this is not you, thank God, but if you’re still reading thinking “how does she know…?” then you need to know that it really does take one to know one. As a classic overthinker, I was once the same. It takes time but this journey of healing and change is not a journey you make alone. Thank God for my Purples! They’ve walked with me through everything. We’ve all overcome many internal battles together and we know the struggles as well as the victory, and this is why we share.

We want to be there for you. There is so much more to this journey to speak about, but this particular struggle isn’t relevant to all. If it is you, send us a message. We will personally walk with you through the journey of freedom and joy that we have made ourselves. The ticket out of isolation is to speak out. Many times the people who suffer, are the ones that nobody knows about because they are so used to hiding it. Maybe you don’t know us, but we know the struggle and we know that you can make it through to the other side of the constraints of internal isolation.

Staaaaay Purple x

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