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The Male Jezebel Part 2

The Male Jezebel left me confused for ages. He attacked me in the dark when I least expected it. One day, I suddenly woke up and found myself in a pool of blood that was seeping from a deep hole in my heart. I looked around and tried to remember how I got there but my thoughts betrayed me – they were blank. Emotionally, someone had pierced me when I was spiritually asleep… but who?

It wasn’t until I saw my sisters become his victims, then some of my close friends too, that I realised who he was…

The Male Jezebel (MJ) is a fictitious name for a spirit that works exclusively in men within the Church. He cunningly hides behind a warm visage of godliness but he will end up using and disposing of his prey with his intricate tools of charm and deception.

Ladies of God: Don’t be deceived. MJ is very real.

He often blinds some of our blossoming men into believing that some of his concepts below are acceptable. As a result, many women of God are either ignored, rejected, heartbroken or stripped of their true identity. Here are just some confessions from men who have been duped by the Male Jezebel:

1. “I like this woman of God and everything but… she needs to look better than my ex girlfriend in the world!” Why is it that some men seem to convert in every area except their love-life? Those fleshly eyes that prefer the coca-cola shaped, ‘Double D’ silhouette of a lady (rather than her godliness, character and professionalism), have never changed for those infected by theMale Jezebel. What he really wants is a supermodel who can fulfil his fantasies or the ‘trophy wife’ that the boys will envy, rather than a woman of God who will fulfil all of his needs! How shallow…

2. “I know I should let her grow but I want her more than my desire to allow her to find God…”How many times do we see some men use their position in the church to date those who are new in the faith? They prey on the vulnerable and use their title or ‘experience’ to ‘teach’ (those who want to find God) false doctrines like: “In order to grow you need to have sex with me…” As a result, these aspiring women of God have their focus redirected and their growth stunted by the Male Jezebel, who tries to make himself her god; shaping her newly forming mind to that of his own. This is idolatry and we all know what God says about that. He knows that if he allows her to actually find God, he won’t stand a chance! He is in fact, a mini anti-Christ…

3. “She’s in my waiting room till I find someone else. She’ll do for now.” This man is like a yo-yo. He changes his women like he changes his socks and he always gives them false hope of a permanent and lasting relationship. He doesn’t know God and that’s why he doesn’t know what he wants; so he goes around sampling as many women as possible in search of some kind of special connection. He’s emotional and unsettled and afraid of commitment. Ladies, how can you really build a life with a guy like this? He’s a player in the church!

4. “She thinks I am Godly but secretly I am just with her to cover up my obsession with porn.” This one is too strong and to be honest, it’s another article… Mr Pornography here, is often a quiet one but he has many fantasies… Today it’s “just imagery” but tomorrow it will become unfaithfulness because he enjoys looking at those explicit pictures. Women are objects of his sexual appetite and this is far greater than his desire to make love to one woman, and one wife whose temple is filled with the Spirit of his God. For a real man of God he knows that in his wife’s arms he will be safe and in her heart he will find real love… not just a temporary release. This often leads him to marry quickly and for all the wrong reasons.

5. “I’ll put on my Oscar winning performance and I’ll like whatever she likes just to get her. Then after some time, I’ll show my real self.” How many women have been victims of the Jekyll and Hyde syndrome at the hands of the Male Jezebel? In the beginning he’s the most wonderful man in the world loving everything you love and oh so compatible… but after a while, he wont be recognizable to you. You’ll think he’s had a face-off or a character transplant because he’ll be so different. Be careful because this chameleon is dangerous! Don’t believe a word he tells you about how spiritual he is! Go by what your eyes see and what his actions show you and don’t be afraid to cut him off if there are red flags all over the show.

6. “I’ll make her think that she’s my saviour. I’ll make her feel I’d be lost without her.” MJ often tries to use this tactic when he’s near to being discovered. The woman of God sees that there’s something in his conduct that doesn’t match the content of what she knows a man of God should be. He knows the Bible, he has the title but his character has flaws that raises alarm bells. She is close to breaking up with him or reporting him but he convinces her that she can’t let him go. She falls for his charms and then she’s back to square one. The more she tries to ‘save’ him, the more she also finds herself losing sight of her own godliness. She starts to get weak…

7. “We won’t have sex, we’ll just get close with clothes on.” Every man desires to be fulfilled sexually and this is Godly but only in marriage. If MJ can’t succeed in making the woman of God fall, he’ll certainly press himself close enough to her private areas to relieve himself time after time. It’s a touch here, a feel there and suddenly the woman of God loses herself believing that this man of God knows what he is doing as the leader of the relationship right? WRONG! Your body is God’s temple until it’s handed over to your HUSBAND in marriage. If he can’t wait it’s because MJ wants a quick fix with you. Remember he can only get close to feeling this pleasure if he gets a body to use. Please ladies do not become his prostitute… in the name of love. He isn’t worth it.

And the list goes on and on…

You know you’ve been stung by the Male Jezebel because afterwards he doesn’t seem to care. He will suddenly throw away years of your love and investment in him for no good reason and you’ll be left wondering what happened. The sad thing about being a victim of MJ is that when you look back at the relationship you see the footprints of the Male Jezebel treading over your happiness…and all the while God was speaking and trying to help you but you chose not to listen. The end of the story is pain, regret, emotional scars (that sometimes take a lifetime to heal) and sometimes the encounter with Male Jezebel can delete all the wonderful work that God had previously done in you.

Don’t be surprised. This spirit has been around from the beginning of time and I believe that he’s been responsible for the fall of even the greatest men of God like David, Samson and Adam! So ladies, what can you do with this info?

Take it, guard yourself and aim for the best.

I would like to introduce you once again to the Man of your dreams who is not only your Lord but this time, your Husband. Enjoy Him, walk with Him. Go to the movies with Him, eat with Him, let Him turn you into a contemporary Queen Esther. And where there is a Queen, there is always King.

So how do you defeat the Male Jezebel? By cutting him off, reporting him to the Elders of the Church and not accepting him, thinking that you can change him. He can not work if he has no prey. Refuse to be his victim. Keep yourself and let your prying eye as a woman make a thorough analysis of your man to be. If you see MJ anywhere at anytime, let go! Don’t marry him!

Let the Lord Jesus, as your Husband, show you personally the high standard that your man of God will have no other option but to achieve. We as women often allow the Male Jezebel to keep working because we allow his ways to blind us and crucify all the work that God has done in us.

Women of God! Stand up, grow up and love yourself because my darlings, your Boaz awaits! (Read more about him in the book of Ruth).

PRAY YOUR BOAZ into existence. Pray that wherever he is, he will not be contaminated by bad company. Fight for his health, family, finances and CHARACTER. Your PRAYERS today could make all the difference in his life. And in time, the Lord Jesus will hand you over to Him and the three-fold cord between you, your God and him will not be easily broken.

Remember ladies, NEVER settle for a man influenced by a Male Jezebel. Good men of God are out there and they are worth fighting for. The Therapy of Love meetings are one way of doing just this. It’s one battlefield where you can knock MJ down and a threshing floor to meeting your true man of God – your God given Boaz.

God bless you always.

Have you been or know someone who has been a victim of the Male Jezebel? Email me. A problem shared can become a problem solved. It’s good to talk.

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