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The Carpenter. The Cross. And you.

The Carpenter

We suddenly arrive in this world with no built-in manual or tools of how to work this life. We are bombarded with everyone-else templates of how to be happy passed down from generation to generation.

We can feel undone, not altogether, void and like we are missing a few screws within; but we have no idea how to fix the inner person who appears to be so perfect to the others.

The spanners of self-help books and the hammers of people’s advice can’t repair us. There seems to be no cement able to fill the hole in our hearts or plaster to smooth over our hidden cracks – something essential is missing. You ask, “Why am I here? What’s the point of it all?” You live, you love hard, you then lose the ones you love, live through the loss and do it all over again…

Sound familiar?

The Cross

What you need is a total makeover. No more DIY for you or patch up jobs from ‘builders’ around you with good intentions.  It’s time for you to instruct the Specialist, the Master of challenging jobs: the best Carpenter of all time. When this Man was here, He made such an impact that He re-constructed time forever. Our annual calendar is set by His presence worldwide and why is that? Because the Creator of life came down to give us life! He demolished all negativity
and built hope in the hearts of every person.

He came to complete the manual (the Bible) for truly living and not just existing. He came to provide the methods we need to not only renovate the heart, or upgrade the soul, but a timeless guide to the brand new you (your God-given right), through faith in Him. The Lord Jesus built a cross in His lifetime, died on it to show us that He is passionately in love with us and lay it down as a bridge for us to connect with God personally. And it’s that same cross that we will need to lay down to crossover to heaven when our time here is up. No cross? No crossover…

And you

If you recognise that you need Jesus, you can start a relationship with Him now.  Just pray from  your heart to God something like this:

“Dear Lord, I admit that I am a sinner. I have done many things that don’t please you. I am sorry, and I repent. I ask you to forgive me. I believe that you died on the cross for me, to take the punishment for   my sins. Come into my life right now and change me. From this day forward, help me to live every day for you and in a way that pleases you.

Thank you for saving me and taking up the cross for me to crossover to  Heaven when I die.  You are the key to my spiritual home here on Earth and beyond and I thank you.  In the name of your son Jesus, Amen.”

 Congratulations! You have made your first appointment with the Carpenter, accepted His sacrifice on the Cross and now. He will save you and reveal to you what to do next…

 If you would like to support and guidance on your journey, feel free to get in touch.

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