What If?

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The Word of God confirms much of what we see.

We see the sun rise and set and the moon appear, stars in the sky and all the land and waters. We can see His handiwork as He describes it in Genesis.

Another example of his gift to mankind is the Rainbow as explained in Genesis 9.13. The rainbow is stunning and is known for coming out in stormy, rainy weather. We often see a solid brightly coloured rainbow and next to it, a faint rainbow that seems to be a reflection…

What God says about the world and is creation is what we see! Humans often need to see to believe… God is invisible but through His handiwork You can see His existence. He is the Unseen God but the confessed work of His Hands is The Firmament and the world is being kept together by His Word. His creation sends out a clear message that He wants us to know that He is there and we are important to Him.

We have been told that we are part of a big universe with planets but yet we have never seen these personally. We have been told many things but this depends of third party sources. It is however, undeniable that every human can see with their eyes what God says the world is made up of: No space, no universe, no planets just a world on the midst of waters: ‘For they deliberately overlook this fact, that the heavens existed long ago, and the earth was formed out of water and through water by the word of God’ – 2 Peter 3.5


Take a look at a 4 minute simple narration of the Creation of the World according to what we read in the Bible and what we can see daily with our own eyes.


A Crafty Creation Project on the Book of Genesis, narrated and sung by the Purple Touch! Interactive and great to do with a group.

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