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The Carpenter. The Cross. And you.

The Carpenter We suddenly arrive in this world with no built-in manual or tools of how to work this life. We are bombarded with everyone-else templates of how to be happy passed down from generation to generation. We can feel undone, not altogether, void and like we are missing a few screws within; but we… Continue reading The Carpenter. The Cross. And you.


Dear Baby Girl,

You are not here yet, not even close to being thought of but I was inspired to write to you already! Quite clearly being flesh of my flesh, you will be fabulous, great fashion sense and confident etc (lol), and I want you to channel your qualities and abilities into great things, positive things. After… Continue reading Dear Baby Girl,

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Mr. Valentine

Single I first clapped eyes on this guy ten years ago in a Church service. He used to sit across from me and I’d catch his stare every so often. His ocean-like eyes would catch mine for a moment and out of shyness I’d turn away, and then look again. He was gorgeous! I would… Continue reading Mr. Valentine