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Melissa’s Pandemic Palava – a story of faith and resourcefulness

I  have been running my own creative business for over 12 years I absolutely love it. I started out with my own jewellery line but gradually moved into creative education, developing my own team and running workshops and clubs through schools and centres across the city. As one of my main clients is schools, at the… Continue reading Melissa’s Pandemic Palava – a story of faith and resourcefulness

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A life based on God’s promises

The most profound thing I have heard is ‘you can’. The permission to have and build whatever my heart desired, of course within the will of God. The start of my journey with God was such a revelation! I was always bogged down with reasons why I couldn’t. A battlefield of why I couldn’t and… Continue reading A life based on God’s promises

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Are you piggy in the middle?

Let’s explore "the middle" of something... The middle of an exam or driving test and not knowing where you stand. The in-between of working and the anxiety of getting paid. The middle weeks of pregnancy and the uncertainty it can bring. The middle child of the family who isn’t like the eldest and nothing like… Continue reading Are you piggy in the middle?

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Making It Happen in music – Our Denice, Neecy Allen

When I was 13 years old, I had finally decided what I wanted to do in life; career wise anyway. I was going to be a music teacher in a secondary school.  At my options evening at school, year 9, I worked out the path I was going to take.  I was going to do… Continue reading Making It Happen in music – Our Denice, Neecy Allen

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Why I rate the Atheist…

Meet Sue-ellen. This 36 year old, Essex born mother of three, gets up from her king size divan every morning and gives her husband and kids a kiss before driving off to work in her black Audi TT. Suited in the latest jacket from D&G, coupled with her Prada bag and Jimmy Choo shoes she tunes into Capital FM before speeding off. She sings, “I’m every woman” to herself whilst planning the tasks she… Continue reading Why I rate the Atheist…

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Death of the Provider

“For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice...”James 3:16 ESV  I started writing this article whilst in West Africa. I recently spent 6 weeks in Ghana and Togo and aside from having the most wonderful experience I was also able to get an insight into the culture, lifestyle and mentality of many West African inhabitants. Let… Continue reading Death of the Provider