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Downgrading to conform?

Who isn’t guilty of doing the first bit? Often we may start out with a great, God-given vision that we are excited about and absolutely certain will come to fruition. We work hard and sacrifice asking Him to guide, direct and motivate us, but the more time that goes by – and truthfully – the more time we spend around those who seem to be getting ahead by doing things with the strength of their arms, the more we are tempted to “give God a helping hand” by lessening our vision…

The vision of God requires a partnership with Him where we do what we can and He does what we can’t. Before God does what we can’t, he moulds us, reveals things that we need to change and also works to put everything in place for His perfect plan to come to pass. All of this takes time and sometimes the wait is hard, but let me reassure you, when God gives you a vision, He will make it come to pass without a shadow of a doubt because:

1.) God wants to partner with you and reflect His glory and image in your life. That gives Him great joy. He has no pleasure in seeing you, His child suffer.

2.) The vision isn’t just about you. It’s always part of His greater plan. The fulfilment of your vision will not only bring you joy and a renewed faith, but it will also benefit the lives of others in many ways. God is all for reaching out to many and His plans are always multifaceted.

3.) He is not a man to lie. God keeps His promises. Fact. He has never spoken a failed Word – and He’s not about to start now!

When we downgrade our dreams we are taking the Godly element out of them and that is how and why so many of us live our lives never seeing the supernatural, but instead achieving things that everyone else, with a little effort, could also achieve.

The vision of God takes time, but it is always worth the wait – God makes sure of that in the end. So if it’s taking long, keep fighting, keep working towards it, keep trusting – and enjoy life along the way. God will surely make it come to pass!

Written while I also wait, hope and trust! 🙏🏽

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