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A life based on God’s promises

The most profound thing I have heard is ‘you can’. The permission to have and build whatever my heart desired, of course within the will of God. The start of my journey with God was such a revelation! I was always bogged down with reasons why I couldn’t. A battlefield of why I couldn’t and… Continue reading A life based on God’s promises

Love Life, Real life story, Soul Food, Spiritual

Single or Cursed? – Gemma’s story

When I was single, my life was full of well-meaning people asking me when I was going to find someone and when I was going to get married… Oh, that million-dollar question! If only I knew... For me, finding love was never ever easy: I felt like I was under some kind of curse, (as… Continue reading Single or Cursed? – Gemma’s story

Love Life, mental health, Spiritual, Work, Career, Finances

Are you piggy in the middle?

Let’s explore "the middle" of something... The middle of an exam or driving test and not knowing where you stand. The in-between of working and the anxiety of getting paid. The middle weeks of pregnancy and the uncertainty it can bring. The middle child of the family who isn’t like the eldest and nothing like… Continue reading Are you piggy in the middle?

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The Male Jezebel Part 2

The Male Jezebel left me confused for ages. He attacked me in the dark when I least expected it. One day, I suddenly woke up and found myself in a pool of blood that was seeping from a deep hole in my heart. I looked around and tried to remember how I got there but… Continue reading The Male Jezebel Part 2