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Are you piggy in the middle?

Let’s explore “the middle” of something… The middle of an exam or driving test and not knowing where you stand. The in-between of working and the anxiety of getting paid. The middle weeks of pregnancy and the uncertainty it can bring. The middle child of the family who isn’t like the eldest and nothing like the youngest and is always being compared? The middle of a pandemic that seems to have no end… And of-course the painstaking middle of waiting for a blessing to arrive!

The “middle” can be an uncomfortable and lonely place. Sometimes we get stuck in the middle and we wonder if we are actually in the middle of nowhere instead of being in the middle of somewhere! The place we dreamed of getting to when we first started in faith on our journey, seems to be taking much longer than we thought. We get stuck in the middle!

You find yourself saying, “Where are you God? You can feel free to escalate me to the end of this middle season Lord – any day now is great!”

No one likes to be piggy in the middle but God allows it to encourage us to trust Him more, learn patience, enjoy character building experiences and acquire life changing faith lessons!

The Bible is an amazing example for us. It’s beginning is groundbreaking and the end book is jaw-dropping but both the beginning and the end of the Bible would be nothing if not for the what happens in the middle: Jesus’ life and revolutionary sacrifice, death and resurrection that defines our future! The middle books are the fulfilment of the Old Testament and set the scene for the final chapters of the End.

The middle is where miraculous things happen!

Don’t despise your middle season! You may seem like that very different looking piggy in the middle at the moment. Trust that God is with you at every stage but He will make His appearance in the ‘middle’ of your sea of dreams and you will make it safely to the other side!

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