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A life based on God’s promises

The most profound thing I have heard is ‘you can’. The permission to have and build whatever my heart desired, of course within the will of God. The start of my journey with God was such a revelation! I was always bogged down with reasons why I couldn’t. A battlefield of why I couldn’t and… Continue reading A life based on God’s promises

Love Life, mental health, Spiritual, Work, Career, Finances

Are you piggy in the middle?

Let’s explore "the middle" of something... The middle of an exam or driving test and not knowing where you stand. The in-between of working and the anxiety of getting paid. The middle weeks of pregnancy and the uncertainty it can bring. The middle child of the family who isn’t like the eldest and nothing like… Continue reading Are you piggy in the middle?

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The 24-hr Ignition

Take a look at these lyrics from Katy Perry’s lovely song, Firework…  Do you ever feel like a plastic bag,  drifting through the wind  wanting to start again?  Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin  like a house of cards,  one blow from caving in?  Do you ever feel already buried deep?  6 feet under screams but no… Continue reading The 24-hr Ignition

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Hope hard (again)!

When we were children, discovering the wonders of the world, expectations, desire and hope were a natural part of us. We were fascinated by fairytales and hoped that our prince would one day come; we hoped that there would be a pot of gold at the end of our rainbow and that good would always overcome evil.  We never expected anything less.  When things didn’t initially go… Continue reading Hope hard (again)!

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Imagine you’re taking a stroll in your favourite park.  It’s a lovely summer’s day (yes it finally arrived, even in the UK!) and the heat is perfectly complimented by a cooling breeze that caresses your face and shoulders.  You take shade underneath a tree that seems to be straight out of a famous oil painting and get ready… Continue reading Pigeons!