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Excel’s Story Part 2: From Ashes to Beauty!

I practically turned from a cheeky and cheerful little girl to a real pain! For some strange reason, I was unable to speak out about what had happened to me, but I began to detest my mother and sought out ways to frustrate her – I believed that if she had protected me enough, I… Continue reading Excel’s Story Part 2: From Ashes to Beauty!

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Single or Cursed? – Gemma’s story

When I was single, my life was full of well-meaning people asking me when I was going to find someone and when I was going to get married… Oh, that million-dollar question! If only I knew... For me, finding love was never ever easy: I felt like I was under some kind of curse, (as… Continue reading Single or Cursed? – Gemma’s story

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Downgrading to conform?

Who isn’t guilty of doing the first bit? Often we may start out with a great, God-given vision that we are excited about and absolutely certain will come to fruition. We work hard and sacrifice asking Him to guide, direct and motivate us, but the more time that goes by - and truthfully - the… Continue reading Downgrading to conform?

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Hope hard (again)!

When we were children, discovering the wonders of the world, expectations, desire and hope were a natural part of us. We were fascinated by fairytales and hoped that our prince would one day come; we hoped that there would be a pot of gold at the end of our rainbow and that good would always overcome evil.  We never expected anything less.  When things didn’t initially go… Continue reading Hope hard (again)!

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Lemming or Loner?

In the animal kingdom, a lemming is a rodent known for periodic mass migrations that occasionally end in drowning. It has become part of modern day terminology for ‘following the crowd’. An online dictionary’s definition for a lemming is “the act of following the crowd into an investment that will inevitably head for disaster. Why am I… Continue reading Lemming or Loner?

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Excel reveals the childhood games that stole her innocence – Part 1

I was born into a middle class family and I had two brothers and three sisters – I was considered the favoured baby by my siblings because I was the one born in the time of family abundance and wealth, unlike the others who were born in times of some austerity…! After I was born,… Continue reading Excel reveals the childhood games that stole her innocence – Part 1