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Have you sorted out your transfer package?

It’s the unspoken truth that we all have a secret hour glass. Whilst we are fighting to live our best life we secretly feel like we will live forever… and that’s because we will!

We believe that we are eternal beings covered by a temporary shell that has a secret expiration date. When we pass away from this world we are transferring to another!

This life is a gift, it’s like a waiting room for the next life where you get to choose how to live and look into options for your next journey whilst you are there.

We love the transfer package that Jesus offers! It’s full of amazing benefits that we get to sample now if we stick to His terms and conditions. We choose Him because He helps us to live out our best life from the inside out, taking time with us so we learn lessons that help us to change and grow and prepare for eternity ❤️ And best of all is that ww don’t need to be afraid of our secret hour glass because He helps us to embrace it 🤗

We choose Jesus because there is evidence all around that He transferred successfully to the other side of death  and came back to tell the story and to show the way 🤗

Live out your best life, but don’t forget to plan ahead and sort out your transfer package.

Like most things in life, when you get a fab deal, you just have to share it and this is what we’ve just done. ❤️

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