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Gods will be done?

“I will see you on Sunday, God willing”. This is a sentence that I remember my Grandma saying when I was a child. Sometimes I would think, why wouldn’t He want us to see our Grandma? Only later on as I started to know God for myself did I start to understand what that sentence means. 

Do we really understand what that means though? Let what God wants to happen, not what we want. Easier said than done? 

When we have thought of something that we really want to happen in our lives, we pray about it. We talk about it to God and we say “Let Your will be done” and then go after that thing we want. So far, so good. Then we get the answer. This can go one of two ways, 

  1. we get the answer we prayed for that matched what we wanted 
  1. we get the answer we prayed for but it DIDN’T match what we wanted 

When we get an answer we like, we naturally feel good and empowered to go ahead with our plans. We know that God has rubber stamped our application and now its up to us to make it happen. 

With number two, what should happen is that we abandon those plans and seek a new direction but in some cases we don’t. Business that shouldn’t have been opened go ahead and then fail, people resign from jobs that they shouldn’t have gone for in the first place, but where I especially see this happen is the love life. 

I got married at 20 years old. The road to get married was not always an easy one. There were arguments and problems which at the time I dismissed as obstacles trying to stop me getting to my dream. I had prayed and made purposes and I had determined that my first proper boyfriend would be my husband so this had to be the devil trying to stop me, right? Plus, I don’t remember seeing anyone else my age who could be the one. 

I got divorced at 25 years old. The pain of what I went through was one that I had never experienced before. It has helped shape the person I am today but its not one I recommend! But what if I had never had to go through that. Had I confused my emotions with my faith. Probably, maybe, but its too late for me to undo that, but not too late for others.  

Some singletons hate being by themselves with a passion. They want to get married and soon. They look around and don’t see anyone that is suitable so they compromise. “He wants children and I don’t but I could change my mind after we get married”, “Yes she is Caribbean and I’m African, but she can learn how to be an African wife after we are married”, “ I know there is a huge age difference but 20 years won’t seem so big when we are married and we love each other!”. I don’t mean to offend anyone but ,please get real! Marriages are not built on one day with a big dress. They take effort and if you are already starting off on a minus then you are asking for trouble. When that child you didn’t want starts acting up are you going to be able to stop the resentment, when you are 45 and your husband is collecting his freedom pass at 65 are you not going to feel a little like you wish you were on the same page.  

……I will make him a helper comparable to him. Genesis 2:18.  I know that there are exceptions to the previous statements, but God has still made those couples comparable to each other and they are just that, EXCEPTIONS! God wants you to be with someone that you will be able to converse with, laugh with, share with, enjoy life with, pray with, cry with and get closer with each and every day.  

 Don’t be in hurry to dismiss all warnings about the relationship you are in or about to partake in. If you are really asking Gods direction He can speak to you directly or He can use others. Take this time to invest in your self. Know what you really want from your future spouse and see what you can also add to the marriage. Don’t be in a hurry to give your precious self away to someone that you have compromised on. And above all, let God’s will be done. 

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