Dear Baby Girl,

You are not here yet, not even close to being thought of but I was inspired to write to you already! Quite clearly being flesh of my flesh, you will be fabulous, great fashion sense and confident etc (lol), and I want you to channel your qualities and abilities into great things, positive things. After seeing what is promoted for girls and women to be like, act like, dress like, I want you to be inspired in a totally different way to what is offered by this world and hope that you will be too after reading this.

What is great to see today is that women have a voice, they can speak out on so many subjects and be heard, make a difference and even change laws! These are women to be admired, their strength to be looked on as an example. You have the power and ability to do so much and I will do my best to guide you down the right path.

To be your own person in this world today can be hard. To go against what the majority say is right can in some circles be seen as social suicide but trust me when I say that in some cases, it is better to stand out then blend in. To blend in as a young woman today by the worlds standard, you should be able to discuss sex, bare your body to all with no repercussions, dance like a stripper (I think they call it twerking?) and make no apologies for it. In these cases my darling, be prepared to stand out because that’s what I’m going to raise you to do!

The examples that you are shown in the media say that its okay to show all that your Mama gave you, including places that your Mama stopped seeing when you started to bathe yourself! According to the majority of music videos, you have to be half naked, very sexual and curse to be a strong confidant woman. Experimenting from an early age just means you have more time to get it right.

I want you to be proud of your body, eat right, exercise well but don’t feel that you have to show it off to everyone. You are a precious beautiful jewel, even when you are throwing tantrums! One day someone is going to want this precious jewel for himself and you better let him work for it! Let him treat you like a queen, show that he can take care of you and earn you. That doesn’t happen overnight and it isn’t shown by how much he spends on you either  (he can’t be cheap though!!). After you have made him work hard for his prize, you, it needs to be a worthy prize. Not handled by many, not inspected by all, but barely touched, saved for someone worthy. Keep this in mind when you start looking for the one. And if he dares to try putting his hand where it shouldn’t be, make sure you let your father know. I guarantee it won’t happen again.

One thing that has become typical of a lot of women is to put other women down. Its much easier to judge one another, to hate on each other than it is to lift one another up. Be the one with a kind word, not a pushover, but fair and kind. Be a woman’s woman as after all who can understand you like another woman can? Having a close girlfriend (or like in my case, all of your Aunty Purple’s) is a great thing, a precious thing to have and should be valued. But remember that before you can have friends, you have to be friendly. Be careful with your speech, be discreet with what you know and above all be trustworthy. Its only when you find a good friend that this will really make sense, but put this into practise and it won’t be long till you find friends for life like I have

You will go through many different thoughts about your looks and personality like “am I pretty enough”, “will they find me interesting” and many others besides. Just remember one thing, you are unique. There is not another person like you and that’s how God designed it. Just like there is only one me, there is only one you and we were both made for different purposes. Even when you are looking in the mirror at that spot, its only temporary, what is permanent is the beauty that is inside of you, that can be seen by all when you love yourself.  To love yourself in this way, you first have to love God and this is the most important lesson of all that I want you to take to your heart.

Love Always

Mum xxx





Written by Lisa-Marie Bradnock

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