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All Style & No Substance!

I can’t help but stand in awe of how far we have come technologically. Social media is more powerful than it ever was. In an instant you can share messages with the world, communicate great memories with friends and even promote your cause, whatever it is. However, among the thousands of images and messages we see daily, I have noticed a trend appear in some women: they seem to be all style and no substance. The biggest investment they make is in their designer labels, coloured extensions and false nails but deep down they have nothing concrete to offer. They tweet rubbish… They post obscenity… Or some spend their entire lives littering their Facebook pages with pictures of themselves which read: Do you think I’m pretty?? 

I mean, don’t get me wrong, self-love is important and I believe that we should all love and appreciate ourselves. However, I also believe that there is a fine line between self love and being conceited…. 

I’m all for making the most of your assets and trying to be the best version of oneself. In this day and age, beauty is important (and those who say it isn’t don’t really believe that – surely). We live in a world where cosmetics scream for our attention and where there is always an ‘it bag’ or latest trend that we would be fools not to follow (or so they say…), however, is that all to life? Is there nothing more than pretending we are cast in Made in Chelsea? 
I recently tweeted something that I believe in totally: 
A beautiful woman may fascinate a man but a brilliant one inspires him.  
Ladies! We need to have more to offer! 

There is only so far a pretty face can take you. Let’s not be a layer of wrinkle free skin covering a multitude of…shallowness. After all, human beings are so fickle that beauty will only amaze for a short period of time. 
What is the point of having a pretty face but no one has anything good to say about you? Or lovely long hair to be envied when your poor attributes are just as long, maybe longer? What’s the point of having a gorgeous figure but you can never get that body to turn up when you say you will?? What’s the point of having a great complexion when everyone who things about you links you with a poor reputation? Being unreliable, lazy, selfish, envious, pretentious, backbiting or just silly are not fashionable! 

We don’t all have the same IQ and there will always be someone better at us at something, however, true wisdom is gained through seeking. If we seek to be better women we will find out how to be. If we seek to be knowledgeable we will find the answers we are looking for. It’s not pretty to be known as ditzy and it’s not cool to be “blonde” if you know what I mean!  

As women we have the opportunity to contribute so much to the world even if it is just to our immediate world of friends, family, colleagues etc. We shouldn’t waste the powerful tools God has given us and rely on something that won’t last very long anyway. Just look at stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Sofia Vergara who were complaining about turning 40! For them age is an enemy because it steals away all that they have – the very foundation they’ve built their world (and careers) on. However, if we make a more profound investment, a consistent deposit into our souls and character and work to better ourselves on the inside then we will have a beauty so breath-taking that despite our age we won’t help but show it.  

Let’s change direction and focus on enriching our minds and developing assets that aren’t only skin deep. How can we accept to be women who can only be admired for our beauty or how fashionable we are? In fact, often these are the same women that are a nightmare to be around. They are all style and no substance and the little that they do contribute to the world is sometimes so irrelevant that it makes little difference anyway. We will all get old and we will all fall out of fashion but when we invest in our minds and our character we always have something of value to add to other people’s lives. 
Now I am not saying that we shouldn’t we shouldn’t look after our appearance – not at all. After all, I truly believe that the image we portray to the world is a true reflection of how we see ourselves. However, if we spend our limited years investing on the exterior only, we will all have the same wrinkly end…  So, let’s put our best Prada clad feet forward! 🙂 Let’s do our hair meticulously and apply our make-up! However, let’s make sure that the effort we expend on the exterior is a taster of the gems we treasure on the interior. Let’s leave more behind than the memory of our faces. 

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