Beware of Penniah – Stay focussed!

Some food for thought and biblical inspiration! God didn’t stop Penninah from bearing children, but none of those children were Samuel! Like Hannah, you may have people in your life who go out of their way to poke at you with their “blessings” or achievements, but pay them no mind. Do not focus on what they are doing OR wish ill of them. Keep focussed on whatever you are fighting for – the God-given dream that YOU have. It will be worth the wait. Penninah had many sons and daughters – end of story. However, when Samuel was born he made a huge impact and became part of God’s great plan. He was greatly used and impacted others (not only the one who bore him) – this is what the blessing of God looks like. Fight for “Samuel” because Samuel is greater than a multitude of unnamed children

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