No need for repentance?

Every other headline today is about a high profile celebrity cheating on their spouse or partner. In recent weeks we have had Tiger Woods, Ashley Cole, John Terry, Wayne Rooney and even the seemingly innocent Mark Owen all admit (or not deny) to having multiple affairs with numerous amounts of women. Going back a few years Michael Douglas had well publicised affairs and his reason which seemed so scandalous back then has become an acceptable excuse for today’s new crop of serial cheaters. Sex addiction. The cure? Therapy and rehab. 

90 days in an institution, one on one counseling sessions, a whole lot of money later and you are miraculously cured. What if you are not a celebrity and you suffer from this ‘debilitating’ condition, how can you find a cure for this? What about if you are addicted to alcohol, stealing or abusing people. How is it possible to transform your life if you don’t have a celebrity bank balance?  

Hypnotherapy? Suppressing the urge, but not dealing with the real issues?  

Regression therapy? Looking for a reason in your childhood, traumatic incident maybe? 

Regular counseling sessions? Talking through each new issue with a trained professional to get your answers. 

When we have done something terrible, especially against people that we love, the feeling of guilt can be overwhelming. You want to do anything that you can to ease that feeling, to make it okay with them. To forgive someone who has wronged you can be just as hard to deal with. The thought of revenge can sometimes be all that you think about. As humans it’s all to easy to judge someone it’s just in our nature. What then is the answer? 

How about repentance? Its free, doesn’t discriminate against age, sex or colour and is readily available. 

Total forgiveness is only available through Jesus. The only thing it costs is pride. You have to admit you were wrong and admit that you can’t change all by yourself Sounds simple but how easy is it to hold your hand up and say ‘I was wrong’. The good news is that once you do this, you’re not alone anymore. God will take hold of your hand and walk with you every step of the way.  

In addition to that  He promises not to remember any of our wrongdoings! He forgives your sins-every one(Psalm 103:3The Message), He doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve nor pay us back in full for our wrongs(Psalm 103:10 The Message)  

As per human nature, we judge all too easily and when we get upset its natural to want to hit out at the person who hurt us. God promises not to do that,  just to bring you peace  

I can’t judge if the celebrities were truly sorry or just sorry they got caught. I do know that if you aren’t ready to look at yourself and make the change, then no amount of words are going to transform your life. 

If you do decide to make the change then contact……… 

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