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As a creative learner, I love analogies, anecdotes and metaphors that help me to understand things better; especially lessons of life.  When talking about life, I can’t help but to refer to the Author of life, who has left instructions and guidance in His Word to teach us how to live well.  As I have progressed in life and my own journey of faith, I have come to realise that oftentimes people quote the Bible without a clue what it means; hence the mass religiosity of so many church goers and the reason why many more are becoming increasingly frustrated with their faith to the point of giving up on it completely.  This is also the reason why there are people who have decided that faith in God is a waste of time, based on the testimony that they see.  Could it be that people just do not understand the Word of God?  People who have been self confessed Christians for their whole life with little or no results?  My intelligence just doesn’t allow me to believe that if this Word is true and I practice it, that my life remains the same.  Either it’s not true or there’s something missing. 

In all labour there is profit… (Proverbs14:23) 

I heard of people boasting about how much they of the Bible they read every day or how many times they’ve read it all the way through, but I learned a life time’s worth of a lesson by understanding the six little words above.  So I thought I‘d share. 

As many of you will know via our Facebook page that I’ve recently given birth.  This was my first child and everything about the pregnancy was a new experience and as always I’m looking for deeper meanings and life lessons (too many to share here).  After nine months of adjusting and expecting, I finally went into labour on the 5th of September this year.  When I realised it was like period cramps at first.  Nothing much for me to handle, but I thought I’d get checked out to make sure.  At about 7pm, the hospital staff confirmed; yes I was in labour, but very early stages.  1cm dilated.  I was told to go home and come back when I couldn’t take the pain anymore (!). By 4 ‘o’ clock in the morning I couldn’t take it!!  I was in pain with every contraction to the point of doubling over.  Time to go.  We got to the hospital and after being examined I was in pain and… Still only 1cm!!!  Not enough to be admitted.  Almost 10 hours of pain and no progression.  I was far from impressed.  Believe me.  KMT

 To cut a long story short, I cried out in labour without pain relief for a further 12 hours before I was ready to push.  That period pain had reduced me to crying out and squeezing my husband’s and my mum’s hand to a pulp at least 3 times every 10 minutes.  By this time I had stopped caring what I looked like, sounded like.  I just wanted this baby out!  I wasn’t sure the gas and air was working, but as I was propped over the back of the bed thinking of which prayer would help me now (!) I remembered the word above. In all labour there is profit.  I thought to myself “Oh my gosh!  This is labour!!”  I was having the hardest time of my life.  I had never worked so hard and there was nothing anybody could do for me.  Ultimately it was down to me.  I then thought of some of my life’s ventures which didn’t necessarily work out and some things that I’m still fighting for.  I thought I worked hard at the time, but I realised that true labour hurts.  Trust me!  In many cases I didn’t even make it through the “pregnancy” of my so called dream.  Let alone labour for it.  10 hours after I thought that I couldn’t take it anymore I was still at it.  I was in total and utter discomfort but I was still going!  My only focus; to get this baby out.  I was truly labouring and because I was absolutely sure of that I knew that I would meet my son very soon.   

I then went on to push for over an hour before he finally arrived.  I took every opportunity that I had to push, but it didn’t happen the first time (or second, or third, fourth…).  It wasn’t that anything was wrong, but that’s what it took.  I was far beyond what I thought was my limit and way past my inhibitions.  I had about 5 people at my “other end” cheering me on as I gave the push of my life and brought my baby into the world.  Exhausted but I made it.  I just lived that Word of God and I saw the profit. 

It doesn’t matter if you have never given birth because everybody has dreams and goals.  A man of God I really respect often describes a person with a dream as being pregnant with it, and I totally get why.  Think of your biggest dream right now.  Are you totally consumed by it every day?  Are you sure that there is nothing more that you can do or give towards it becoming a reality?  Your answer to these questions will help you to see if what you are experiencing is a phantom pregnancy or the real deal.  When we really have a dream, we constantly push beyond our limits to make it happen.  Anything less is just a wish.   

I have personally seen and witnessed results in the lives of too many people to doubt the Word of God.  However, for it to bear fruit, first you have to understand it.  Then you must truly give it your all to practise it.  Then and only then can you truly see its profit.  We all have to push harder towards our goals and realise with the right dream we will always come out stronger and see that we are much stronger than we think.   

By the way, the other part of this word is ‘…but idle chatter leads only to poverty.’ 

Just some food for thought… 

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