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The Sure Investment

Growing up I often wondered why I didn’t have a father, like many of my school friends. My father killed himself when I was a baby, so I never got to meet him. It was only after hearing his story that I realised the many mistakes that he had made before his very last and fatal one. My father invested himself in what he loved: music, money, friends and work. When things were good they were really good but when they were bad he decided that he couldn’t take it anymore.

Thoughts of my father’s death plagued me throughout my childhood: “Didn’t he love me enough to live for me?” It was only after many years of torment that I realised that my father had invested too much of himself in things that were unworthy. Those things could never give him the return that he was expecting and when they didn’t, life didn’t seem worth living.

My mother however, hadn’t invested herself in anything physical, so when he blew himself up, taking our home, possessions, savings and clothes with him, she didn’t think to end it all. She chose to invest in my sisters and I and later, to entrust her all to God.

Part 1 of a 5 part series!

In my short but eventful life I have invested in many things: relationships, friends, family, careers, studies… and I have always expected some kind of return. However, the most precious rule I have learnt is that nothing and no one in this life is worth my all. When I got to know about God (through my mother), I understood how He had protected me throughout my life, taken care of my mother and always provided for my family. He stood in for the father that left me and that faithfulness made me realise that He was a sure investment. He was the only One worth 100% of me because only He could handle such a stake in my life. 

You see, in life we are encouraged to invest in many things, be it financially, spiritually, emotionally or physically but most of the time we end up disappointed when they don’t come through for us. If you have invested yourself in all of the wrong things or nothing has given you a good return then don’t end it all, just withdraw that investment. 

You want my advice? Find out who God is and invest in Him. I promise you, it will pay dividends, from here to eternity. You can bank your life on it!

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