Fit no Fad!

So, I began my new year trying to reach my health goals. Matching regular exercise with healthier eating habits. 10 days into my new exercise regime, I damaged the ligaments around my left hip/groin area😖. Banned from working out for 4-6 weeks, my weight loss goals would now rely on my eating habits, staying true to my #fitnotfad mantra.

Then rolls on this sugar detox. I posted this pic as the only exercise that I have been doing for almost a month now is walking when I can, due to the injury. I stepped on the scales today to find that I have lost 9lbs! I am on day 6 of the 14 days of the detox and I am not climbing the walls. I am enjoying my food, eating as I should and I’m not hungry!!

I’m on the way😊 and I know that I can maintain this as I like eating like this. As I am able to exercise more, I can only get healthier!
#pthealthgoals #pthealthgoalsdenice #begoodtoyourself #sugardetox #breakingthesugarcycle


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