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Why I rate the Atheist…

Meet Sue-ellen. This 36 year old, Essex born mother of three, gets up from her king size divan every morning and gives her husband and kids a kiss before driving off to work in her black Audi TT. Suited in the latest jacket from D&G, coupled with her Prada bag and Jimmy Choo shoes she tunes into Capital FM before speeding off. She sings, “I’m every woman” to herself whilst planning the tasks she… Continue reading Why I rate the Atheist…

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Imagine you’re taking a stroll in your favourite park.  It’s a lovely summer’s day (yes it finally arrived, even in the UK!) and the heat is perfectly complimented by a cooling breeze that caresses your face and shoulders.  You take shade underneath a tree that seems to be straight out of a famous oil painting and get ready… Continue reading Pigeons!


There’s Only One

As of 29 April 2010, the human population of the world was estimated by the United States Census Bureau to be 6,817,700,000.  Annual births have levelled at about 134 million per year since their peak at 163 million in the late 1990s.  Have you ever stopped to consider that among all these billions, not one person is (or was) exactly… Continue reading There’s Only One